Major Kickstarter successes are hard to come by… and it’s even harder to witness the emergence of a game worthy of the success it sees.

But I hope that is what No Matter’s Prey for the Gods, one of the most awaited Indie Game this year. With its Kickstarter campaign skyrocketing past $500K, this action survival certainly looks to be the next big hit.


Snow, the graphics, the music, and the art direction… all these aspects can easily force a jaw to drop with its gravitational pull. And yeah, know that this game is absolutely 100 percent indie; it’s totally real, and this game is heading our way.

So besides the setting being cast in an eternal winter wonderland, what can one expect out of Prey for the Gods in terms of the story and the gameplay?

Well, for one, you’re a lone wolf who is sent to the edge of a dying world to uncover the reasoning behind the perpetual winter. You’re only equipped with clothes and nothing else. Matters only take a turn for the worse with the existence of gargantuan dangers that will not hesitate to murder you in the most gruesome way possible (being devoured is a good start).

The core feature to look forward to in Prey for the Gods is the colossal, epic battles with climbable giants. In other words, a feature that most definitely takes influence from the cult classic Shadow of the Colossus. Hell, if you haven’t noticed, even the art style is influenced by the title. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Furthermore, you can’t forget about these included features, all of which – blended together, anyway – will make Prey for the Gods stick out like a sore thumb:

  • Dynamic snow terrain (instant desire right there, as I fucking love the snow).
  • Intense survival gameplay.
  • Exploration of temples that are loaded with both secrets and treasure.
  • Dynamic day and night cycles, alongside dynamic weather.
  • Non-linear gameplay that will allow you to choose who and how to battle.
  • Fallen hero locations. These heroes come with items ripe for scavenging, providing you with a survivability advantage.
  • And quite the intense musical score.

But what about the gameplay? Are the battles similar to the battles ingrained inShadow of the Colossus? Well, sort of. The battle system takes influences from not just Shadow of the Colossus, but also Deus Ex, DayZ, and Bloodborne. In other words, holy shit that’s a combination to anticipate, packed within tight controls executable with either keyboard or gamepad. It features the typical, “simple to learn, difficult to master” schemes, especially when you’re facing brutal giants that ultimately require creative strategy. That’s right, the game will work against you as you try to eradicate the giants. How so? Well, your weapons can break and the arrows are finite, so be careful.

Currently, Prey for the Gods is accepting PayPal donations, so if you want to support this game, it’s time to throw some sweet, dolla dolla bills at it. We’re looking forward to its progress! In the meantime, you can marvel at the second official trailer of Prey for the Gods.

Prey for the Gods will launch someday for Steam, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.