Almost a year after Square Enix’s highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV hit stores. The game is still getting new DLC and story expansions. Below you can find all the details on the upcoming DLC, which includes the Comrades multiplayer DLC pack and the Episode Loctis story expansion

Initially, Square Enix intended to release this DLC on October 31 but announced their decision to delay it slightly in order to perform final tweaks.

The focus of this expansion is custom character creation. Players will be able to create their own characters and equip them with a variety of new and existing powers. While there will be plenty of content designed to allow players to grow their custom characters, it has been said that this expansion will still focus more on party combat.

Square Enix has also noted that the characters from the main game will be added to the expansion down the line, but they will not be available at the time of the DLC’s launch.

Here are a few screenshots of the current build of Comrades DLC:


Final Fantasy XV‘s epic – if controversial – the story continues in this stunning new trailer for the game’s next story DLC, Episode Ignis.


As the title suggests, this next DLC release will focus on Ignis who was a primary party member from the main story. While it’s clear that the DLC’s story takes place sometime before the conclusion of the main game, the complicated timeline of the base narrative does make it tricky to pin down exactly when it occurs. We see scenes involving a massive invasion, for instance, so it’s entirely possible that this add-on will actually take place across a few different time periods.

What we do know is that Episode Ignis will include some new gameplay features designed to take advantage of the main character’s unique abilities. It also seems that Ignis will not be alone on this particular journey, but it’s still not clear whether or not you will be forming a full party in this new adventure.

The most interesting story tidbit included in this trailer is certainly the “post-credits sequence” which sees Ignis temptation to leave his friends. After that scene, the text “Master Your Fate,” appears which may seem to suggest that there might be some kind of element of choice in play at some point during this story DLC.

Episode Ignis is going to be out on December 13th. It will be immediately available for all Season Pass holders, but there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the DLC’s standalone price or if it will be a free content release.


Square Enix promised that Final Fantasy XV would receive quite a bit of DLC post-release. So far, they’ve made good on that promise. Most of the DLC released thus far has been free in-game events and strange additions. Such as an enhance fishing minigame, but now that we are getting into the story DLC releases, we should finally be able to see if Square Enix is ready to use this post-release content as a way to expand upon FF XV‘s odd narrative beats.