MLB The Show 18 will launch March 27, 2018 on PlayStation 4, and Aaron Judge, whose 52 home runs for the New York Yankees this season set a record for rookies, will be the cover star. The details surfaced when premature listings were spied on the PlayStation Store.

Following the current trend for major sports releases, pre-ordering the game will offer access to the game three days prior to the standard launch date, according to the listing. Two special editions will pile on additional digital content.

Polygon reached out to a Sony representative to confirm the reported details. Soon after, The Show’s Twitter account published this:

Also, Major League Baseball’s award announcements begin today with the Gold Gloves. The Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award, for both leagues, will be a week from today. Judge, 25, is widely expected to be the American League winner.

Not only did Judge hit 52 home runs to lead the A.L., his 128 runs and 127 walks were league bests as well. Judge and the Yankees made the postseason, falling in seven games in the American League championship to Houston, the eventual World Series winner.

There are also going to be a number of premium versions of MLB The Show 17, including the All Rise Edition that is exclusive to GameStop and EB Games. This $100 edition of the game includes a 9Fifty snapback hat, along with a steel book case for the game. You also get lots of in-game goodies, including PS4 themes for all 30 MLB teams, among other things. The $100 Digital Deluxe edition, meanwhile, is exclusive to the PlayStation Store. It comes with almost everything in the All Rise Edition (but not the physical hat, of course), with one difference being 20 standard packs instead of 10.

Final thought MLB :

The MLB The Show 18 MVP Edition, which costs $70, includes a steel book case and a number of digital extras such as 5,000 stubs, the MLB team themes, and more. Go to the PlayStation Blog to see a full rundown of the various MLB The Show 18 premium versions.