iPhone X  of the Apple with is 19.5:9 aspect ratio is not quite perfect for watching videos on youtube when the majority of content out there is at 16:9. Such content covers the equivalent of a 5” screen (a bit less actually) due to letterboxing.

iPhone X Full Screen youtube app

The latest YouTube update allows you to get rid of that and use the screen fully, horns and all. You lose a bit from the top and the bottom of the video while the sides lose bits due to the notch and the rounded corners.

Still, if you want to, you can. All you need to do is a pinch gesture to fill up the screen. Check the App Store for updates, the new version is 12.43.

You can now enjoy YouTube videos in fullscreen and super-sharp 1440p on iPhone X. You’ll need the latest version of the app, which adds “pinch to zoom” functionality, available from the App Store now.

1440p support

We can also enjoy sharper videos on iPhone X. YouTube will now serve content in 1440p where available, rather than 1080p like on iPhone 8 Plus. It doesn’t look like HDR content is supported just yet, however.

iPhone X doesn’t quite have enough pixels for full 1440p, which is 2560×1440. But it’s close enough, and it’s certainly sharper than 1920×1080, so we recommend enjoying it whenever you can.